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Volume XIII Issue V

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Surendra Nath Mishra, Abhirup Sinha, Bhaskar Singh
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Volume 13 Issue 5
The emerging ultra wideband (UWB) system offers a great potential for the design of high speed short-range wireless communications. In order to satisfy the growing demand for higher data rates, one possible solution is to exploit both spatial and multi path diversities via the use of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) and proper coding techniques. In this paper, we propose a general framework to analyze the performance of multi band UWB-MIMO systems regardless of specific coding schemes. A combination of space-time-frequency (STF) coding and hopping multi band OFDM modulation is also proposed to fully exploit all of the available spatial and frequency diversities, richly inherent in UWB environments. We quantify the performance merits of the proposed scheme in case of Nakagami- frequency-selective fading channels. Different from the conventional STF coded MIMO-OFDM system, the performance of the STF coded hopping multi band UWB does not depend on the temporal correlation of the prop