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Volume XII Issue V

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Badal Patil, Prof. Abhirup Sinha, Bhaskar Singh
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Volume 12 Issue 5
In this paper multimedia service in cellular communication systems has created new challenges of resource allocation and power optimization. The requirement of efficient resource allocation is vital in downlink than uplink due to high traffic flows. These multimedia applications require more power therefore power optimization has gained a key role in future communication systems. This investigates the performance of the downlink scheduling of Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular communication network along efficient power utilization of User Equipment (UE). The goal is to develop a downlink scheduling technique that improves the QoS for multimedia services in relation to the use of power saving scheme i.e. Discontinuous Reception (DRX). The DRX effectively improves power consumption at the cost of QoS degradation due to higher packet delays and packet losses. The traditional scheduling schemes were not designed to guarantee LTE QoS constraints in relation to energy. The proposed algorit